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AR --Stand with Totoro




“Stand with Totoro”
— an AR app





        1. Have fun




My Neighbor Totoro is my favorite movie. After watching this movie, I really wished I could be the little girl who stands with Totoro waiting for the bus. This feeling also became more pronounced when I saw other cartoon movies such as Pokémon and Big Hero 6.  I really wanted to see a Pikachu or Baymax beside me anywhere and anytime that would say “Hi” to me. So, I designed an app that would allow this.


[software + hardware]:

        Unity 3D + Vuforia + Mobile phone



1. Open the AR app in my phone and aim its camera to a specific pic projected in the wall

2. Totoro appears

3. Use your fingers to move and scale the image

4. Press Totoro, you could hear it make a sound/say a simple phrase in its voice

5. Press “Next”, and icons for Pikachu and Baymax will appear

6. You could stand with them and take a pic (actually, a screenshot of the phone), which looks like you are standing with these cartoon characters



[ 中文介绍 ]:

“与龙猫合影”是一款娱乐级的APP, 原理是利用AR显示出各种卡通人物。在这里你可以选择和喜欢的动画人物合影。






Take photos

and make it

as postcard!