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Mini Interactive Stage




-- an interactive mini stage





This team project is an entertainment and educational tool to help users understand how data flows when they play the PokémonGo game. We used a storytelling mode to visualize the process on an interactive stage.

The name "DATA GO!" is based on the word "PokémonGo". It is a project that helps people understand how data flows in the PokémonGo game. For better understanding, we made an interactive mini stage as the format to show the content as well as the concept of "Energy flow" in daily life as an analogy to make the abstract concept of data more concrete.




[software + hardware]:





  • Boards × 2 (Arduino + Photon)

  • Sensors: LED × 4; RGB LED×1; Potentiometer × 1; Servo Motor × 1; 

  • Distance sensor ×1; Button × 3; Bluetooth module × 1

  • Other devices: Laptop screen; Mini projector; Mobile Phone

  • Handcraft Material: Foam board; Paper



  • Particle IDE

  • Arduino IDE

  • Processing

  • HTML, JavaScript




Part1: implement energy circle with HTML.

Step 1: Potentiometer (0-500 degree) - Sun rises (servo motor rotates accordingly) – A HTML (page1) pops up.

Step 2: Distance sensor detects the sun and the apple tree lights up – A HTML (page2) pops up

Step 3: Press the red button on Pikachu (which means Pikachu eats the apple) – A HTML (page3) pops up

Step 4: Press the green button (which means you feed Pikachu a pepper) - The yellow light on Pikachu’s head flashes (which means Pikachu is angry)

Part 2: Change facial expression

This is a fashion element of the stage; the user can press a button on the stage to switch the facial expression of Pikachu, which makes it seem like the user is playing with it. (I used a projector to project image on Pikachu’s face) (Processing communicates with Arduino to accomplish this)

Part 3: Bluetooth control of the RGB Led

This is another fashion element; I hope users could use their mobile phones to interact with the logo of our stage. I had installed a RGB Led in the logo ball, and user could download an app called BT LED Controller, and then connect with a Bluetooth device called H0-C6, which would allow them to control the Led color.



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