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Generative Art




Generative Art



Daniel Phelps, Yuchen Zhao(70%)





      1. Make a generative art

         2. Learn how to use API

         3. Generate patterns randomly





The successful implementation of this work will rely on user input and random chance to achieve its goal. The user will experience unique generative works through 3D objects mapped to a seemingly random visual dataset of images and themes.


This project will draw from data provided through the Unsplash Developers Image API ( By using a random selection and arrangement of 3D objects the user will generate a work that appeals to their taste and image aesthetics. At a later date, these unique objects will be transferred to a physical visual display that will transcend the digital divide, providing the user with their own physical generative works of art.


The user is presented with simple instructions and an image floating in space. A 3D box with what seems to be a photograph mapped on the surface floats in space. Orbiting a central location without the confines of gravity, this image represents the users free will as they are asked to choose an image from their past. Searching their memories for meaning, the database provides them with images synthetic nostalgia obfuscated by 3D space. Generated by random chance and recollection, the databased memories never appear twice. As the user cycles through the generations, tension builds as these memories are fleeting, abstracted by shape and rotation.


[software + hardware]:

        P5.js, HTML, CSS, Unsplash(API)



1. type a keyword in the search bar

2. One related image will be generated randomly from the Unsplash database

3. A random 3D shape will also be generated

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