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AR --Basilica Ulpia



“Basilica Ulpia”
— an AR app





         1. Use AR to display a historical building and related information




This is an application that users can use on their mobile phones to scan a map (the Trajan Forum map), and a 3D model of the Basilica Ulpia will then appear on a specific position on the map.


[software + hardware]:

        Unity 3D + Vuforia + mobile phone



1. Open the AR app in a phone and aim its camera at the specific Trajan map

2. A 3D model overlay of the Basilica Ulpia will appear on the phone’s screen

3. Users can put their phone closer to the map to allow them to see more details, or they can move the phone’s camera’s focus around the map, allowing them to look around the Basilica building, even at the back of it.

4. Some buttons and info spots let users learn more about the Basilica Ulpia.

5. The button “About Basilica”, if pressed, shows a brief introduction text about the Basilica Ulpia;

6. The button “Show Interior”, if pressed, allows users to see the inside of the Basilica Ulpia (this model is so detailed, you can even count the pillars on it and see the beautiful texture of the building)

7. I set two yellow info spots, which separately introduce the Trajan’s sculpture in front of the Basilica Ulpia and the hall for salary freedom on its right side. People can use these buttons to better know the Trajan Forum and Basilica Ulpia.


[Special thanks to Prof.Maurizio Forte, Nevio Danelon]

(The model and map are from Nevio)



[ 中文介绍 ]:

一个关于意大利古代遗迹Basilica Ulpia的AR应用。扫描意大利Trajan Forum的地图就可以看到Basilica Ulpia的3D模型,并获取相关知识。